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"next Base" Dashcam Problems

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grandpajoe | 13:54 Tue 24th Apr 2018 | Technology
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Hello we have had a "Next Base" Dashcam for about 6 months now and last week it informed us that the "S D Card Full" We brought it in and connected it to the PC and followed all the instruction to clear the card but we cannot. Does anyone have one of these dashcams and knows how to clear it?? Can it be cleared or do we need a new card?? Many thanks Chris


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1) Have you tried re-formatting the card in the dashcam ie, not in the computer?
2) Have you set the dashcam to loop ie, start overwriting the earliest records once the card is full, so that you only get the last journeys?
3) Have you cleared the "saved" files? Depending how you've set the sensitivity some files are saved to a separate area of the card which is not overwritten. This is to protect those files in case of accident. You have to delet those manually.
4) What sort of card have you got ie, make and size in GB? On my NextBase I had problems with Sandisk, known to be a good make and which I use in all my cameras. I returned one card to Sandisk under its lifetime warranty and they replaced the card but pointed out that for dashcam use you should use "High-Endurance" cards NOT "High-Performance".
5) Have you tried removing the card from the dashcam and putting it directly into your computer? (You sound like you connected the dashcam to the computer and tried the delete that way).
The next base sd card can be deleted by using the menu on the dashcam. No need for a computer I have done this normally every 2months on my next base 320. Hope this helps.
I've got a cheap dashcam, (not Nextbase)

Despite being on loop recording it occasionally says the SD card is full.
I just go onto the menu on the dashcam and format it.
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Thank you all for your input. I am away now till Sunday so will go through everything again and see what happens. Thanks once again Chris
Most dashcams recommend that you re-format the SD card IN THE DASHCAM about once a month, or so. It sounds like you've never done yours.

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"next Base" Dashcam Problems

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