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ProfessorMaisie | 16:01 Fri 22nd Sep 2017 | Technology
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I have designed an assignment and would like to create an Excel spreadsheet which will perform the calculations for me. I would appreciate some guidance on how to set up the spreadsheet.
The details are as follows:
There are 5 elements in the assignment, each weighted as follows
1 = 5%
2 = 20%
3 = 40%
4 = 20%
5 = 15%.
I will award the student a grade out of 100% for each of the 5 elements.
I want to be able to enter
the full grade in one column
that grade converted to its weighted value in the next column
for the weighted grades to be added together to arrive at the final mark.
Thank you for your attention.


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I'd put all marks in columns 1-5

Then have a weighted scores section:
column 6 (a6)=A1*0.05
column 7- a2*0.20
column 8 - a3* 0.40
column 10= a5*0.15

Then a total column:
column 11 = A6+a7+a8+a9+a10
I think you mean scores in cells A1-A5, the weighted scores in cells A6-A10 and total in A11. Only saying that because you were saying numbered columns but the rows have numbers and columns have letters.
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Thank you! That works perfectly.

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