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maggiebee | 16:34 Fri 22nd Sep 2017 | Technology
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Not sure about the spelling but I have often viewed tiny pics on this site. Can any kind soul tell me how to do this?


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Do you mean?
Hostingpics is easier to use than Tinypic and is becoming increasingly popular with ABers:

Instructions in my post here:

If you'd still prefer to use Tinypic (even though you have to muck about with the 'Captcha' security thingy, which is a positive pain in the posterior), please refer to my post here for instructions:
Tiny pic is very slow. Thumbsnap is much quicker without a "bot" detector that takes an age to load.
Load up Thumbsnap (from link below)
Image content...Choose Family Safe(if it is)
Choose File
Rt Click on Image and Select.
Choose Upload Image
When Image has loaded...
Scroll Down to More Link Codes
Choose Direct Link
Copy and Paste the Url in the box to your answer box in AB or to an email for instance.
You will need to have moved the image that you want to send to your file explorer or photo file before you can browse and select it.
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Thanks folks - will explore further before I decide which to use. The more straight forward the better for me, bit of a technophobe (but do have a 9 year old grandson!)
:-) I thought you were on about the avatars.
Now I understand the "spelling" bit.

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Tiny Pics

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