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thesshhh | 11:06 Fri 22nd Sep 2017 | Technology
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Media reports suggest a lukewarm response to the new iPhone 8. Which is considered the best iPhone so far?


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Which would you choose An I phone or a new car ? When Apple start to charge sensible prices I may be tempted.
I've just had a new iPhone 7plus and I'd love the 8 but by the time my contract ends I'll be on the 9.
like QoM I seem to end up having every other or every third iphone. I only changed up last time because my old one stopped being updated. I like the 7 and have found each iphone and iOS update better than the last. Am I going to shell out a thousand quid for a phone though? doubt it unless I win the lottery.
I have iPhones for 10 years, and am currently on an iPhone 6s. My regret nearly 2 years ago, was that I didn't get the Plus model. I pay monthly for the phone and when I finish my 2 year contract, in Feb 18, I shall have paid just over £500, which is a lot less than the new model.

Unless I can get a new, bigger screen iPhone in Feb, for the same amount per month, I shall probably not bother renewing again.

I know that here is great rivalry amongst mobile phone users but I can honestly say that iPhones have never given me any trouble, and I can't see my self changing to any other make.
I know I asked this last week, but I am still slightly confused.

What is the difference between the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X ?
mikey iphone comparison here
Thanks everybody....all clear now !

What was confusing me was that I hadn't heard of a iPhone 8,, until they started talking about it, at the same time as the iPhone X was unveiled. So effectively they announced 2 new iPhones at the same time !
>>>So effectively they announced 2 new iPhones at the same time !

THREE iPhones

iPhone 8
iPhone 8 plus
iPhone X

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