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Hypognosis | 18:50 Fri 18th Mar 2016 | Technology
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Is it just me or is AB running slowly (since early a.m.) today?

IOS 7.x.y
Safari result 6-7Mb/s so it is not a slow connection. Rest of the web seems okay.

Even at times when forum activity was quiet:-
Page loads are slow
Panning page up/down is slow/stutters
Previously loaded parts of page go to white screen if page is scrolled away and back again.
Text window response falls 6-7 characters behind if I type fast enough.

I can't blame it on animated adverts because they are mostly static in appearance (although they may just be broken).


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Would clearing your cache help - if not try larger hammer
19:26 Fri 18th Mar 2016
Its all fine here, all up to speed, no problems.
Are you using the 'full' version of AB or, as would make more sense on an iPhone anyway, the mobile version? ( )
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Thanks. Insert smug grin, now.


Full, which normally loads pages in under 2 seconds and keyboard response varies from instant to 1-2 seconds per keypress.

I could try the mobile version. I can't remember why I disliked it; that was a year or so back.
It was desperate for me this morning, and then a message about service suspended, we'll be back soon....
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Thanks DTC. At least it's not just me but I shouldn't be glad of that.


Mobile version also slow and cranky. Strangely, it asks me to sign in, even though I'm signed in on this tab. I'll sign out and try again in a couple of hours.

Do you think there is javascript running in the background? Safari doesn't allow it.

Same for me (iPad, Safari) except for your last point. In the early hours a couple of days ago, the home page was from 2013...
Would clearing your cache help - if not try larger hammer
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//Same for me (iPad, Safari) except for your last point. //

Which last point though? OP or the message above your one? Anything I said about background Javascript inside AB was just speculation. That Apple won't support javascript is fact, to the best of my knowledge but "I know narthing" about the differences with iPad.


Percussive maintainence? Highly recommended, for delicate electronic accessories. Have you read Dune by any chance?
Sorry Hyp, in the OP ...text window response

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