Trouble With Talktalk

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jacklee | 22:15 Mon 21st Sep 2015 | Technology
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Every few minutes Talk Talk freezes - the 'recover website' prompt comes up
What is going on or is it me?


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It is total ***!!! They're never functioning fully and totally unreliable.
Wow you cannot swear on here!!!! C R @ P!!!!
I think the word you're looking for, Sharon, is excrement.
That's it Jackdaw!!!
Try shytte next time.
Do you mean the Talk-Talk website freezes or something else? Have to say we find them pretty much OK except when you have to call, but then most of them are a nightmare in those circumstances.
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Yes Prudie - can't move web page until the 'recover webpage' prompt appears - tough if I'm trying to reply to CB.
Have had this for a few days now
Thanks all for your comments
sorry to interupt -only to say Hello Jack, how's that Kindle revvin'??
Question Author
Hj humbersloop
Kindle is great- now mastering iPad Air!

Googles furiously

Keep going Jack, fondest xx
Just used it to pay a bill. No trouble at all.

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Trouble With Talktalk

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