Google Maps Won't Stop Zooming

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hc4361 | 12:56 Sun 05th Jul 2015 | Technology
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Whatever browser I use Google Maps is unusable because as soon as I touch the mouse wheel to zoom in a little bit, it zooms very quickly and just won't stop.
This happens in Windows 7 starter; Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

Anyone experience this and any way to stop it?


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Possibly the sensitivity of the mouse wheel is incorrect in your settings. Can you try another mouse?
Does it zoom ok when you use the + and - signs?
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It does zoom okay when I use the +/- but it doesn't just zoom the map, it makes the whole text bigger to the point where the map is once again unviewable.
I don't think my mouse is over sensitive, it behaves on every other site.
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"Anyone experienced this?"

Yes, I get this trouble sometimes, but haven't found a solution so would be interested in efficacious responses. But mine happens on Apple Mac with MacOsx using Safari browser, so could be a different cause of course.
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Ah. Thanks for that, methyl.

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Google Maps Won't Stop Zooming

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