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Which Ipad

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Animals4me | 23:08 Tue 17th Feb 2015 | Technology
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Any ipad owners views on ipad,good and bad things as looking to buy one. Like the iPad air 2 as think the mini, doesn't seem as good.
Have read lots and reviews but can't make mind up for the best. I do have a kindle fire :( which has intermittent problems with power button sticking so am I right in saying the iPad would be a lot more versatile choice.what is it like for the internet,email,Skype and free downloads of novels. Is there anything the iPad air 2 not do.
Would be keen to hear all views from other owners.
Thanks so much


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The iPad air does everything very well. Get the 64gb version tho as the operating system takes up too much space in the 16gb one. Once you get the Kindle app, it's virtually a Kindle as well.
I love my Mini, had a full sized ipad before but its not as easy to take anywhere more because of the size than the weight.
I have an Apple iPad 2, it's good, does everything but the storage is very poor, I Have hardly any apps on it and the storage is full, you can't add to it either.
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What is sending email like. I use aol mail so could I continue with that? . Is it possible to enlarge print size sand colour when sending email? Is it easy to email and none of this copy paste as need to email straight like do on laptop or kindle.

Can I transfer my books from kindle fire to ipad?
Is ipad air 2 the best most versatile one?

I've got an iPad 2, very happy with it apart from the charging cable!

Every Apple device I've had the charging cables give up the ghost after 6 months, don't buy the cheap versions on eBay even if they say they are 'Apple' ones, £15 for new cables from Apple
I have had my ipad2 for over 3 years and I purchased it as my laptop needed an upgrade. I have used my laptop about a dozen times since buying my iPad. It is now ancient. The ipad does everything my laptop does except it will not load certain pdf files to certain websites. FaceTime & Skype I have been using this week to talk to the other side of the world with no problems. The kindle app is excellent. Take everyone's advice and go for a large memory. I also went for 3G which to me is a godsend. I have my own business and do all my accounts, word processing etc on it too. It will cost you more money than other devices. But then a Mercedes Benz costs more than a Ford Fiesta.
When you purchase an iPad you will need an Apple ID this is your email address that you choose. When emailing you can either uses Pages(word processing) and email the document or the email app or go into aol/hotmail etc using Safari. I would recommend going to an Apple Store and having a chat. They really are very helpful.

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