Problem Deleting Notes From Ipad

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smurfchops | 13:13 Wed 14th Apr 2021 | Technology
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I have a new iPad and am deleting everything carefully from the old iPad, which I haven’t used for about a year. If I delete my emails will they still be on the new iPad? I have noticed that in my Notes, all my Notes, up to date as well as old ones, have appeared on my old iPad, and if I delete them from my old iPad, they delete from my new iPad as well. Is there a way around this, I don’t want to lose my new Notes, I just want to clear everything off the old one. If I do a factory reset on the old one I am afraid I will lose stuff I need to keep. Sorry, I am not technical at all.


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If you do a factory reset you won't lose anything from the new one. If you want to keep the old one but don't want your emails on it, simply delete the email account. If your emails are syncing using IMAP (which is most likely) then deleting individual emails will cause them to be deleted from both. Deleting the email account on the old one will not affect the new one.
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Thank you. And if I delete my Google Photo App from my old iPad, will I still have it on my new iPad? Sorry to be a bit thick ....
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..... but why when I delete individual Notes from the old iPad, do they get deleted from the new one?? ......
Can you not chose what you want from the old one and transfer to the new one using air drop. It takes time or you could do automatic set up and then delete what you don't want from the new one
The inbuilt apps on the iPad work on the Apple Userid and share information with any device logged into the same id so what you do in Notes on one is reflected on the other. Log out of your Appleid on the old machine and things won't synchronize any more
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Fitzer, more apologies but how do I log out on the old iPad please??
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Is it Settings> My IPad (my name)> Sign Out (in red) ??
Yup, that's it.
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The iPad is an old one, and I can’t find where to sign out! My name only comes up under Settings on my new iPad ... the iPad was bought new in 2008 if that helps and is upgraded to Version 9.3.5.
If you click on settings, does your name appear top left?
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Maydup, no, not on my old iPad .... just says Settings in a grey and white background ...

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Problem Deleting Notes From Ipad

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