How To Improve Mobile Phone Signal/Connection/Speed

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barry1010 | 12:51 Wed 14th Apr 2021 | Technology
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Any ideas? For over three years I have constistently achieved over 40Mbps upload and 10 download on my phone with an EE sim.

Being too clever for my own good I changed mobile provider to Virgin to save over £70 a year. Connection is shocking, rarely get 4G, usually H+ and speed below 5Mbps. Virgin assures me there is no problem with the masts and I should be getting at least 25 Mbps - they tried to sell me a 5G phone. Ha ha, if I can't get 4G there is no hope of 5G.

Anyway, put my wife's SIM card in and speed increased to 56Mbps, so my phone is definitely not the problem.

I have checked the network coverage for Vodafone and I should be getting excellent coverage indoors and out.

Any ideas what I can do?


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As far as I can tell Virgin use the EE network for 4G and only Vodafone for 5G
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Virgin told me I am on the Vodafone network but whatever network it is I need to improve the signal.

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How To Improve Mobile Phone Signal/Connection/Speed

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