Smart Phone Will Not Unlock

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theshedman | 15:38 Mon 16th Feb 2015 | Technology
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Hi, bought my wife a new Samsung smart phone which works fine most of the time. The problem we have is when I go to answer it for her if she is in different room and can't get to it, it will not unlock the screen for me. I can unlock it when there is no call coming in but the screen stays locked when there is a call to be answered. I can swipe it as much as I like but it stays locked. Didn't know if anyone else had come across this.


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Are you 'dragging' the green button towards the middle of the screen?
Does it unfreeze after the call stops ringing ?

I have a Samsung handset and occasionally it does freeze on me and I have to take the battery out. I always figured it must be a rogue app, but who knows ?
Which Samsung smartphone?

The one I had, you didn't have to unlock the screen, just press the middle button at the bottom and stick the 'phone by your ear.
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Yes dragging the green button but wont work. Works on mine which is also samsung but different model. Hers is a samsung galaxy ace mini and mine galaxy ace. It works fine for her but doesn't seem to like me. Just locks then when I have missed the call it opens fine.
if you've got plenty of minutes on your phone why not use that one to call hers when you're both in the same room and let her show you what she does different or at least you keep practicing answering it
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Hi Paul, we do exactly the same thing but for some reason it doesn't like me.
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You need to increase the capacitance of your finger ;-)

Why not get one of those little pen things and see if that only works for one of you ?
Perhaps it has fingerprint recognition???
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Hi all, thanks for the answers. It is definitely something to do with me and not the phone as anyone else who tries it manages to get it to work. I have decided to just let it ring and tell her later and she can look to see what missed calls she has.

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Smart Phone Will Not Unlock

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