Iphone5 Incoming Calls Straight To Voicemail

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ozmeister | 07:28 Sat 11th Oct 2014 | Technology
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Hi - all incoming calls to my iphone 5 are being routed straight through to voicemail, I dont have 'do not disturb' activated - any ideas please, just about to download ios8 which may help ??


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Go to settings/general/reset/reset network settings. That should do it.

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Thanks for that, seems to have done the trick, I don't suppose you know any quick fixes for volume up button not working either (volume down is fine) - I am having to go into settings / sound and move the slider to max to increase volume ? Everytime I use volume down and I can't increase it again without going into settings as per above ?
There is an Assistive Touch fix which is complicated but you could try a reboot first...hold down the Power and Home buttons until the white arrow appears.
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Will that not wipe my device clean of all apps / contacts etc ?
No that's a Reset. A Reboot will just restart and reset/resolve any niggling little problems.
Sorry for the reboot that should read: hold down the Power and Home button until a white APPLE appears!
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so that is the oblong button on the top edge and the round home button on the bottom front (both at the same time) that is defo a reboot (what then is a reset) before I lose everything lol ?
All you'll lose with a reboot are any little faults, nothing else.
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Tried that but volume up button still not working - any other thoughts please ?
Is that the button that can be used for the camera shutter release? If so try the camera.
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Yes - tried everything now, losing the will to live with it, seems the volume up button is just not working, just been through the assertive touch fix which works for volume up but it is just as quick to go through settings / sound and move the slider up - just don't understand why volume up button has stopped working ?
It must be a hardware problem...has it only just failed? And this is before you update...
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on and off, worked yesterday after turning iphone off and on, not this morning before and after update to ios8
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thanks for all your help

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Iphone5 Incoming Calls Straight To Voicemail

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