Held To Ransome By Microsoft Customer Service

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Batman7070 | 18:01 Fri 10th Oct 2014 | Technology
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I tried to get some help from Microsoft customer service today and was told my problem would only be fixed if I coughed up £39.99. As the problem was in Microsoft outlook and its inability to cancel other email accounts in my email account I did not see why I should be charged for a fix that is within their domain. they refused to help without the £39.99 its tantamount to blackmail.
Is there any way I can get the problem fixed without being ripped off?


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what is the actual problem?
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Hello Tuvok, This summer I was fiddling with my Live email and in the menus there I found a facility marked "add other email accounts" I added an existing btinternet email of mine to the accounts list and later found that every time I got a btinternet email I got and identical copy of the whole email sent from Hotmail ( his has turned out to not be a good idea. To stop this I went into my live email account and deleted my btinternet email address. Sadly this has not stopped the duplicate emails coming. All I wanted from MS was for them to fix and permenantly delete my btinternet email address from the live account. they said they could do this but at the price of £39.99
I suppose you could use a different e-mail client. or when you say outlook do you mean their server account rather than your client. If so you could always open an e-mail account elsewhere.
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Thanks old geezer but that would not solve the problem I would still be getting duplicate emails from the hotmail server. Telling everyone not to use my live email address is a bit difficult under the circumstances
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Thanks again Tuvok. Sadly the two links alhough very informatiive did not work, the screens shown are very different to mine on the current system. I think the best idea is to open a new email account and tell everyone my new email address.
MS have lost a loyal customer.
Ok. Does the forwarded e-mails have something identifying them that your e-mail client could filter on and move to the delete folder ?

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Held To Ransome By Microsoft Customer Service

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