Outlook 97 Problems

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cartmelj | 11:26 Mon 11th Jul 2005 | Technology
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I have recently switched from using Outlook Express to using Outlook 97 (because I like the calender function of Outlook, and would prefer to have just the single program running).

I like to have the folder list and Outlook bar displayed, and it's very easy to change the view so that they appear, but how can I keep them there so that I don't have to go into view (twice) every time I start Outlook up. I've tried help (it didn't!), and nowhere can I see a 'save settings on exit' or similar tab. I know you can do it because I used to use Outlook 97 at work, and it was OK there. Help please!

Second problem. I had no trouble transferring my Outlook Express address book to Contacts and my personal address book in Oulook, but there doesn't seem to be a nickname facility (I generally use the first two letters of first and last name - e.g. frbl for Fred Bloggs). The Outlook Address Book appears to have this facility (I'm pretty certain I used nicknames at work in Outlook 97), but I cannot work out how to import my Outlook Express address book into the Outlook Address book. Again, help please!

Thanks in advance.



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Outlook - When you display the folder list, at the top right corner of the list you probably will see a 'tack' icon.

If you click on this, it will change to a 'x'. Doing that should keep your folder list where you want them.

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Thanks to Sligachan14 for the suggestion - unfortunately, there's not a 'tack' icon to be seen anywhere! So, any other ideas?

Also, I have heard from elsewhere the suggestion that Outlook (any version?) does not support nicknames - can anyone confirm this?





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Outlook 97 Problems

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