Still having problems with Windows 7, 64 bits and pdf files.

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smurfchops | 14:36 Mon 16th May 2011 | Technology
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Further to my previous thread :


I cannot download pdf attachments from emails at all, I just get a black screen. System configuration is wrong apparently. I have checked nibble's answer and yes I have 64-bit. But as for galeck's answer what do I have to download to use the 32 bit, and will I be able to download pdf files then? I have uninstalled all my Adobes by the way. I am still not technical !! Do I have to uninstall windows 7 or what? Help please in an easy answer !!


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Your previous thread didn't mention PDFs at all!

Adobe flash and adobe PDF reader are totally different products!

Anyhow.... just install a PDF reader, foxit is about the best IMO...

Do you have enough resources for 64 Bit Windows ?
If so, try reinstalling Adobe Reader.
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No idea if I have enough resources for 64 Bit Windows. It was on my PC when I bought it. I don't even understand the question! Said I wasn't techie !! I already have a Foxit pdf reader but it doesn't seem to work. I will uninstall it and re install it. Also what should I install re Adobe, and how can I use 32 Bit Windows ?? Sorry to be so thick.
I was asking if your PC had enough memory and other related needs. Just that a black screen suggested to me an inability to draw the nice graphics on the screen. But if it came installed then hopefully that isn't an issue.

If doesn't work either it sounds a bit more involved than a simple application problem that a reinstall will solve. But it is worth a try I suppose. If you download the suggested file it should be something you can double click on to run and install.

32 bit would need to be a total Windows reinstall. Let's leave that option for now shall we ?
If FOXIT doesn't work either ......
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OK I've uininstalled Foxit and Adobe. So what shall I re install and try now ??
Matters little.

How about trying to install from the link Chuck gave ?
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OK I've downloaded Foxit and everything is working this time. I don't know what happened before ... but fingers crossed. Thanks everyone.

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Still having problems with Windows 7, 64 bits and pdf files.

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