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Chrissy Boy | 18:17 Fri 23rd May 2008 | Internet
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Hi, I am having real trouble configuring my Windows Vista Live Mail with my Sky e-mail account. I have gone over and over and over the settings following the instructions but I cannot connect live mail to Sky or whatever it should do. I cannot get access to my e-mails. Is there any thing I have missed, has anyone else had similar problems? I want to use the live mail as Sky e-mail is rubbish.


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Where did you get the Sky email settings from? They decommissioned their old SMTP server in February. If you've entered '', it will no longer work.

Review your account settings and check that this is what you've got:

Incoming mail server should be set to 'POP3' and defined as ''. (NB: All lower case)

Outgoing (SMTP) server should show '' (all lower case).

The account name should show only the first part of your email address (i.e. just the bit before the '@' sign), not your full address.

Your password should be whatever you've decided, but remember that it's case sensitive. ('Password' is not the same as 'password').

Now, here's the bit that most people get wrong! Unlike many email services provided by ISPs, Sky accounts seem to require server authentication. Check that there's a tick alongside the box labelled 'My Server Requires Authentication'.

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That's it. It's the password!! It is not the one that Sky sent me origonally to set the whole broadband thing up but the one I log into Sky with to get my wretched e-mails!! Thanks, e-mailing has never been easier!

Chrissy Boy

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Live mail and Sky e-mail

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