Good Wireless USB Adapter.

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198x | 14:21 Sun 05th Aug 2007 | Internet
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Hi, I'm looking for a new USB wireless adapter to go with my Netgear wireless router. I currently have a NetGear WG111 adapter but this does not work at all and after reading reviews found people to be warning not to buy it.

So I'm looking for a new adapter for the router and I was thinking of a D-Link DWL-G132 or maybe a Linksys WUSB54GC... but have read similar reviews that they are abysmal.

Just wondering if people out there know of a reliable USB adapter that will actually work and not keep dropping the connection. If it's needed the router is a Netgear DG834G.


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Does it have to be USB? If it's a desktop computer, a PCI card will be better. Likewise, if it's a laptop, a cardbus or expresscard adapter will be better.
I must have been lucky - all the USB wireless dongles I've used have worked well. Don't know why your Netgear WG111 doesn't work, I would take it back. Mine has worked well and so has a friend's - both with the router you mentioned. I also have an Asus WL-167g as a spare (came from a local computer shop) and it works well.

As fo3nix says, for a laptop, you might want to use a PC Card in the PCMCIA slot - I use a Netgear again, the WG511, on a laptop with no built-in wireless - works fine.

A bit more expensive (if it's still available) is the D-Link DWL-G730AP Wireless Pocket Router which I bought for going to seminars and conferences. It can act as a router in the hotel room or the meeting room and let others access the Internet wirelessly (or let me sit in an armchair or on the bed instead of at the desk) but it can also act as a USB wireless adapter (there's a third mode which I haven't used).

This solved the problem of USB dongles on an older Mac iBook which seems to have problems with most USB dongles.

Happy hunting!
My WG111T works fine. Are you sure you installed it correctly, I.e. installed the software before plugging in the adaptor. This is important.
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I have done everything correctly with the WG111. I even got around the father-in-law (who's a computer buff) and even he didn't get it working.

The other thing that bugged me with the WG111 was the GtGina2.dll file that was installed and wouldn't allow me to log-in using user friendly mode.

I shall look into a Netgear PC Card. Hopefully it will work.
198x - are you using Windows XP and have you installed Service Pack 2 and all subsequent Windows Updates?
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Yes I am running Xp SP2 with updates.

I have gone ahead and ordered a NetGear WG311T from Amazon as it has really good reviews.

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Good Wireless USB Adapter.

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