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mayennaise | 19:06 Sat 31st Dec 2016 | Internet
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Bought hubby a new one of these for Christmas - tried to transfer the books he has on his existing one to his new one but have encountered a problem!

The old one is signed in to our Amazon a/c but when we try to sign in the new one to the same a/c the screen states "The login ID and password entered do not match any Amazon accounts on record ".

We used the same email address and password that we use to get into our Amazon account on the laptop so we know they are correct.
What are we doing wrong ???


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If you go to your account on Amazon and "manage content and devices" is your new one registered there?
You need to deregister the old Kindle from the Amazon account and then register the new one to it:
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Do we have to de- register the original kindle to then be able to register the new one ?? If that is the case what will happen to the books he has stored on the old one??
We appear to just have a problem signing into the Amazon a/c on the new one - see original post!
Books are stored with amazon- they aren't just on the device. I don't know why you can't log in with it if the email and password are right...
Are you using the amazon icon on the home page of the kindle? You haven't gone through to
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Our sign in details to both and are identical!
that doesn’t matter (sign in details) you have to make sure you have gone to the right amazon website.
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Success!!! Just by chance I checked our email account and lo and behold there was an email from Amazon detailing a two step security authorisation, which we knew nothing about until then because there is no mention of it on the kindle!!!!

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