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AB Editor | 16:43 Fri 04th Jan 2013 | Internet
46 Answers

This poll is closed.

  • AVG - 142 votes
  • 27%
  • Norton - 121 votes
  • 23%
  • Microsoft Security Essentials - 97 votes
  • 18%
  • Avast! - 70 votes
  • 13%
  • McAfee - 57 votes
  • 11%
  • Kaspersky - 39 votes
  • 7%

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MSE for me
I'm using MSE , which appears to be doing a good job .

I've not used all the others and considered their individual pros and cons ( i probably wouldn't know what i shouild be looking for anyway )
Have the free version of AVG,cant fault it.
I've had trial runs of AVG, Norton and McAfee but have settled for MSE; which I consider to fully meet my requirements. Coupled to Firefox as my Browser, it works a treat.

Never had a problem with Norton, very helpful, very quick in responding, Ex service, McAfee, always had problems with these, went overboard to help me after I decided to not renew their Security.
we've been very happy with Norton, no intention to change
I used to use AVG/Zonealarm but a friend of mine who is in IT advised MSE because "it just gets on with it quietly in the background" and doesn't clog up your system and pester you. I believe he is right.
Interesting to see Norton in the lead here.
If anyone does want Kaspersky there is a way to get it almost free.
Just open a Barclays account , even a basic cash card account with £1 in it, and register for online banking. Barclays offer Kaspersky free to online customers, you can install it on up to 3 computers. I bank with Barclays but I have MSE so I don't bother with the offer.
Haha! The poll has arrived. I bet MaidUp is made up? Love Norton, easy to use. Encountered a few problems with McAfee, wouldn't use again. Never heard of MSE - perhaps I'm missing out on something here?
You're right AC, I'm totally made up!

Come on folks, get voting and tell us why you use what you use.
currently using kaspersky, but only because its free if you online bank with barclays!

Where are all our Nerds.? I do hope they haven't all become 'Inactive'.
Could it be that they have voted without commenting in this thread.?

Anyway, I am surprised that AVG and Norton are in the lead to MSE.

Consequently, I feel that far more votes are needed in this poll to prove matters.


Eset Smart security for my business machines, MSE for my personal machines.
Can't believe that AVG is the most popular. Quite frequently people bring me machines, complainng of unresponsiveness and other problems, convinced they have a virus, and the problem is easily solved by removing AVG and replacing with MSE.
AVG is a horrible anti virus program, it slows down PC boot-up time and internet browsing to an intolerable level.
daffy...I agree.

rojash..I feel sure we would agree that MSE is the best free programme for home users. Furthermore, you may concur with what I have read "AVG does not identify malware to the same level as MSE does".

No need to comment, ron, people just vote.
I used to use Norton, but why pay when MSE is free?

Microsoft should know what they are doing.

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