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robin8495 | 20:45 Tue 18th Aug 2009 | Computers
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How can I connect my laptop to use my desktop computer 'printer'? Laptop is Vista, Desktop is XP. Router is Netgear


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You can share a printer.

I have a desktop PC running Vista with a printer plugged into it, next to it I have desktop PC running XP, and it uses the printer on the Vista box (both plugged into the same Router).

The Vista box does have to be turned on for the printer to work from XP.

Just search the Windows help for "sharing a printer" and it is all explained there.
I also have a "network ready" printer and it plugs directly into the router.

All my PCs can print directly to it.

You can also buy wireless devices that turn any printer into a wi fi device and you can print to it that way.
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Thank you very much for the quick replies. The idea was to use the printer installed on the XP Desktop PC to print all doc's from Laptop Vista without connecting Laptop to router by cable, you see this would be a problem my Vista Laptop in use three floors higher than XP Desktop PC creates a problem with cables.
Thanks also to ACtheTROL 'your' solution filled the bill perfectly, all is now in full running order. Again many thanks it is nice to have the brains, mine are a little dull with old age, but with a little help now and then I get there.

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Printer problem

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