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andres | 00:30 Sat 18th Apr 2009 | Computers
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Recently changed to A470 Canon camera. worked ok to start with but now I can't open any of the pics. on the computer and Ican't transfer my images from camera to computer. Message keeps coming up 'camera not detected' Have changed ports and leads but no good . Any infro welcomed.


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I used to suffer this problem with my PC intermittently not detecting the camera connection; when I upgraded to XP, my Samsung camera was not supported by the OS.

My solution was to buy a USB card reader and download the photos using that � meaning I never need to connect the camera to the PC.

USB card readers can be purchased for a few � these days.
Do you have any software Disk with your camera?
Try to re-install it's software.
installed the camera software from the camera disk.

after that connect the camera to the computer

read the manual which came from the camera .

follow the instructions of the manual.
if needed than take the help from the technician.

for further assistance you can approach at this source at
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Thanks for answering.(smith134 and john pol)Installed and re-installed to no avail Manual for the A470 is not very good . Took the advice and got a card reader . This worked instantly with no problems. Thanks again

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camera not detected

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