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Anti virus..anti spy..anti ad's

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BUDDY HOLLY | 01:08 Fri 21st Dec 2007 | Computers
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Can you have too many " anti " programmes?
I seem to have become a little obsessed with searching out spyware/adware etc,I ran one programme which told me I had 500 threats,I took that with a pinch of salt but, I recognised some of them, bearshare and limewire being the main ones, iMesh was another, I think that they were all leftover from p2p sites ( I now use Frostwire)This site wanted me to buy the full programme before it would remove any of them, I only use this site to see what is left after using some others,I have found a webb site that takes you through a process to remove bearshare nasty's, I got rid of 99% of it.
At the moment this is what is on my pc,
AVG anti virus
AVG anti spyware
A-squared Hi Jack
A-Squared Free
A-Squared anti dialer
Spybot search and destroy
Avast anti virus
Spy sweeper
Ad-Aware free personal
Super anti spyware
Spy Zooka
Spyware detector
CC Cleaner
Windows defender
I think thats it...I was thinking of downloading Zone alarm next.
Any comments?
I keep reading that it's not safe to use Google,I started using ASK, that seems to be using ad cookies also,at the moment i am denying 99% of cookies without any trouble, Doubleclick seems to be one of the bad ones, are there any clean search engines?
My pc can be a little slower at times but i can live with that if i stay safe, I do all the regular things that you have to do to keep your pc running ok.


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Few things.

You should NOT have two anti-virus programs on at the same time (AVG and Avast), choose one to keep and delete the other.

You seem to be missing probably the MOST important piece of software, a firewall (although you do mention you are going to download Zone Alarm).

To be honest I do think you have gone over the top with these type of programs, and almost seem a little paranoid.

If you are on broadband you dont need an anti-dialler.

The two most important programs to have are Anti-Virus and a Firewall.

Anti spyware like Adaware is useful.

As for the rest they I would say they are useful but not vital.

Sorry to add to your list but I run winPatrol which is a great little program.
>Doubleclick seems to be one of the bad ones, are there any clean search engines?

As far as I know it is not the search engines that are putting the ad software on your PC it is the web sites themselves.

Instead of refusing cookies allow them, but set your browser so it deletes all coolkies at the end of each session.

Allowing a cookie on your PC for a while does your PC no harm.
>This site wanted me to buy the full programme before it would remove any of them,

You are probably aware of this, but DONT believe any piece of software that says it has found hundreds of errors, and if you pay them some money they will get rid of them.

Most (if not all) are just scams or cons.
There comes a point when the stuff you have installed yourself is causing more problems that the stuff it's supposed to protect you from.

You have reached and passed that point.

Do as VHG says, and stop being so paranoid...
I totally agree with Rojash. You have far too many anti-programmes on board.
To be honest all you need is a good Internet Security package. Two such are Kaspersky and Steganos, both of which will out-perform the big names such as McAfee and Symantec. Try their 60 day free trials- you won't be disappointed!
If you're still worried about having spyware, keyloggers and Trojans on board then start from scratch and reinstall windows onto a clean newly formatted hard drive - don't forget to back up your precious files first!!

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Anti virus..anti spy..anti ad's

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