Free Anti-virus programme needed

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Almendros | 08:36 Mon 01st Nov 2010 | Computers
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Spy-Bot and AVG have both caused me shutdown problems in the past.
I have now,Malwarebytes and Superspyware, not realtime but scan on request and Windows Defender plus the Firewall as I am on XP/SP3.
Is my protection enough ? as windows tells me I need another anti-virus programme. It has to be a free one,and compatiable with Defender which can be a bit choosy. Thanks for any help


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I recommend Avast anti-virus, free license to home users.
avast! works fine for me too, don't know about the compatability though
windows isn't telling you you need "another anti-virus". It's telling you that you need a anti-virus program, you have not got one installed at the moment at all! Both malewarebytes and superspyware and anti-malware, not anti-virus. (as is windows defender, so you have 3 anti-malware programs and no anti-virus at the moment)

IF you want to keep it simple with defender then go with microsoft security essentials.
I agree with Chuck, go for Microsoft Security Essential (which actually includes/ works with Defender)
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Thanks a lot for your quick answers, I will have a shot at Avast and see if the computer plays up. I forgot to mention that the last one I had was MSE for some months, but it never updated and never had any history recorded, and I was suspicious whether it worked at all. I may have badly installed it, but at the moment I will try the Avast. Thanks
It is highly recommended that your can try to use Spyware Cease. And then have a full scan on your PC to clean up all malicious information from your PC.

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Free Anti-virus programme needed

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