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gsr600 | 16:58 Sun 11th Mar 2007 | Computers
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Hi AB ers
Just lately my shortcuts on the desktop have been moving to the left side of the screen, i keep placing them to where i want them (around the edges) but next time i boot up - they go back to the left, i have tried locking them but it still re-organises them next boot up. sometimes 2nd boot up.

This never used to happen- XP os before you ask
how do i stop this happening.
thanks in advance.


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Right click on your desktop and highlight the top option - 'Arrange Icons By'.
Is 'Auto Arrange' ticked? If it is select it to untick it.

If you want to arrange the icons yourself you should only have
'Arrange Icons to Grid' and 'Show Desktop' Icons ticked.
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Hi Llamatron
tried that , they still go to left, GRRRRRRRR! :@
Well I'm out of ideas.

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Desktop shortcuts

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