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Office Professional Plus 2019

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woodchopper | 19:35 Wed 18th Aug 2021 | Computers
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My copy of OPP+2019 was bought through perks at work - now Microsoft is in dispute with them and invalidated the licence so when I go to use the program - there is very little I can do with it.

Thought the program was faulty so uninstalled it and re loaded it and entered a Correct( verified by Microsoft code key) and still Comes up with Microsoft does not recognise licence.
Mrs Woodchopper needs it for work.
Am not going to fork out a yearly subscription to bloody Microsoft.
Is it still possible to buy a legit Program of OPP+2019 ? Lifetime licence ?


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May I add - I only need Powerpoint/Excel/Word and Outlook.
if she needs it for work, her work should provide it
I'd be amazed if anyone actually needs Microsoft Office for work. Unless the systems they're using involve incredibly complex macros (which 99.9% of ordinary users never encounter), any of the main freebies (OpenOffice, LibreOffice or WPS Office Free) are just as good and fully compatible.

I suggest downloading and installing LibreOffice
and then changing its default 'Save' settings to automatically use Microsoft Office formats:
(Note that LibreOffice now offers 'Word 2005-365(*.docx) as an option, rather than 'Word 2007-2019 (*.docx) as shown in that link).

If Mrs W really wants Microsoft Office though, Microsoft would love her to commit to spending money regularly by subscribing to Office 365. However, although they try to keep very quiet about it, one can still purchase Microsoft Office 2019 as a one-time purchase. It costs £119.99 for the Home & Student edition, with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint (but NOT Outlook)
or £249.99 for the Home & Business edition, which adds in Outlook

Note 1:
There are loads of websites that offer those products cheaper but, by buying through an unofficial source, you risk ending up with something dodgy on your computer.

Note 2:
If using either LibreOffice or the Home & Student Edition of Microsoft Word, Thunderbird can be used to replaced instead of Outlook for emails:
You can buy it with a lifetime licence, but it is not cheap.

I’m using a 2007 version of MS Office that does not require me to make an annual contribution to Mr. Gates divorce settlement; but it appears that you can no longer buy it for around £10.
hi hymie
I do Micro 2013
and when ever I turn it on ( word and excel only), think
god this winker wants me to pay yearly

I have similar negative feeling about Jeff bezos - I bet it keeps him awake at night
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Office Professional Plus 2019

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