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john1066 | 20:52 Fri 25th Jul 2014 | Computers
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My son has given me a laptop. How do I transfer web sites, such as Answerbank from my desktop to my new laptop? Is it easy? John x.


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What do you use? Is it Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or something else?

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Go on to bookmarks on your desktop, click on unsorted bookmarks. in the top bar right hand side there will be a "import and back-up" option. click on this then export bookmarks an follow on from there!
I assume that it's your Chrome bookmarks that you want to copy across from your desktop to the laptop. You'll need to export the bookmarks and then import them, either via a USB memory stick (or similar) or by simply emailing the file to yourself.

On your desktop, click on the Menu icon in Chrome. Then go to Bookmarks > Bookmarks Manager > Organise > Export Bookmarks. That will create an html file at a location of your choosing.

Copy that file onto the laptop and then import it into Chrome by following the same procedure as above but choosing 'Import' rather than 'Export'.
once saved it should be in your e-mail account which you can access from your lap-top and import into it.
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Sorry guys...I'm with Internet Explorer not Google Chrome!!x
Oh, I see. Trying to confuse us, eh? ;-)

Use Option 2 (from the link below) on your desktop to create a file containing your 'favorites' (as Internet Explorer insists upon calling bookmarks).

Copy that file onto your laptop (either by emailing it to yourself or by using external media, such as a USB memory stick).

Then use Option 3 to import that file into Internet Explorer there:

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Transfering Web Sites

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