Left And Right Click On Mouse Very Slow?

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berniecuddles | 17:45 Fri 25th Jul 2014 | Computers
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upgraded to windows 8.1 last week only problem is when i left or right click on mouse to bring something up on screen its taking ages?
acer laptop 64 bit- i5 intel core
windows 8.1
any ideas please


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You need to make adjustments to your mouse properties.

I have never use Windows 8.1 but feel sure you have a Control Panel in which you should find a Mouse Icon. Give it a Click and adjust whatever you require........Speed, Pointers etc.

This should help you :-

Incidentally, I use a single mouse click for everything. However setting that is a different issue.

If it's a wireless mouse:
i) Try a fresh set of batteries
ii) check for sources of radio interference in the room
iii) Any newly added metal surfaces which reflect radio signals?
iv) Destroy the battery-guzzler and buy a USB mouse for a tenner :-D
More seriously:
If you meant that the mouse response was perfectly okay until a sudden change, today, please just say so and tell us
i) what software you have personally added since it was last okay
ii) have you clicked on any links in an unsolicited email, or opened an attachment in this timespan?
iii) does anyone else in the house have access to this computer? If so, what have they done? (!)
Are the drivers up to date?

Driver Booster makes having the latest drivers quite straightforward
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Thx for your answers did some updates this morning seems to have sorted it

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Left And Right Click On Mouse Very Slow?

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