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What Next After Windows Xp?

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chakka35 | 13:29 Thu 20th Mar 2014 | Computers
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Apparently support for Windows XP finishes soon. To what version of Windows should I move when I decide to? I have heard bad reports of Windows 8.


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Windows 7 isn't too bad, though these things are all matters of opinion: Vista got rubbished, but I never understood why.
Take your pick
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 8.1
I'm on Xp... but staying with it as long as I can... no need to rush out and put money into somebody's purse strings.

The updates may stop.. but if your system requirements... are that you have to re-install everything then you may have to.
Eventually you may have to move off XP because new peripherals like cameras, printers, etc. will not have XP drivers. I have a Vista PC at home which is OK and I use Windows 7 at work which is better. I also have an Apple MacBook Pro which knocks-the-socks off the other two but it was a bit pricey.
There is Not any need to rush into getting another edition of Windows when support is withdrawn for XP.

Providing you have a decent Anti Virus programme, then XP will continue to function quite safely. In all probability XP will outlast your computer.

My advice is do nothing and adopt a similar attitude as is being taken by Arksided.

Go Windows 7, I just starting using it, no problem, I like it.
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I agree Scrivens but we all need to move on and if we keep using a version that is no longer supported I imagine that security issues will no longer be addressed and manufacturers of hardware and software will no longer be making their products compatible with Windows XP. It just makes more sense to move on.
About 30% of Computers are deemed to be running on XP and, possible because lots of businesses being reliant upon the OS, Microsoft is Not fully 'pulling the plug'.

I also have just moved from XP. Mainly because my hardware was many years old and in the end nothing worked smoothly. I moved to Windows 8.1 and although it does take some getting used to it is much more versatile and responsive. No more "not responding" to every other command. The biggest problem is that my printer is now "old" and is not very happy with the new os. Guess we all have to bite the bullet at some point.

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What Next After Windows Xp?

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