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fbg40 | 19:18 Tue 19th Feb 2013 | Computers
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Quick question : has anybody or is anybody using this website : and if so, what do they think of it.


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Ive got it, though not entirely sure what it is, it came as part of my Kindle Fire.
There are lots of these cloud web sites, and many of them give you free space as a "starter".

Microsoft, Google and others all give free space as a starter.

B00 - they are used for storing or backing up your personal files. You upload personal files to these "cloud" web sites and they store your files to keep them safe in case your computer crashes.
Ahhh, cheers VHG, thought that might be it, still im sure it'll come in handy...possibly!
They offer this free backup storage for starters - but you wait a while and they'll introduce a charge once they've got you committed to using it.
I feel uneasy about posting pictures to the websites so I can show them in forums etc. Not going to rush to use things like justcloud and trust data to them. Who knows who'll manage to crack their security and nose at everything ? Yet another move in society to trust big business.
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Thanks for all the info people.
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