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Apple I-Tunes - Importing Cds

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countrykid | 13:37 Sun 06th Jan 2013 | Computers
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I'm importing all my CDs into I-tunes to then add them to an I-Pod Touch. Some of the CDs have imported ok. Others have imported all the tracks, but instead of saving them in an album of that name, it puts some tracks in that album, and others separately but with the same album name.

It seems to happen where either the original artist is singing a duo with another artist, or a song is by a different composer. Example, Queen's Greatest Hits III. When I want to play this album on the Ipod, I'll hear just a few tracks, or a single track etc. Is there a good website/user forum for ITunes help, or can anyone on AB help. I want to import a CD and be able to store and play it as per the original - which I can do with Windows Media Player - the latter also seems better at finding album artwork. Thanks


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you could just recreate the original album as a playlist and drag all the tracks into it in whatever order you wanted. Bit of a hassle, though, and someone may have a neater solution
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Thanks Jno. I thought about doing that but like you say, a hassle. Hopefully there is a solution
This can happen particularly with compilation albums. iTunes gets its album listing from the Graceland music database, this can be incomplete. The best way to cure your problem is to select all the tracks the press cmd-i (Mac) or ctrl-i (I think for Windows). This will pull up the summary page for the album. Change the Album name if necessary, check that the number of discs is correct (1of 1, 1of 2 etc) and that the number of tracks is correct. Click OK. If the track numbers are still incorrect, you can use the above on each separate track to alter the track numbers, just select a track at a time.
At the risk of being pedantic, if the track info came from Graceland you might get one or two more Elvis tracks than you'd bargained for!

It's Gracenote.

Apologies Milvus, couldn't resist making a joke out of your post.
oops :(
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Thanks Milvus, much appreciated. It does happen on compilations, but also on any disc where a second artist joins the original in a duo. All the tracks show and are ticked, but I-Tunes separates the "dou" track/s. In the process you suggest, is this at the stage when the disc is loaded, or after the copying process. It's only after importing that you find out it has separated a track or tracks. Had to smile at ChillDoubt's post!

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Apple I-Tunes - Importing Cds

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