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I Must Have Deleted Something From My Programmes

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askyourgran | 12:51 Mon 07th Jan 2013 | Computers
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Just lately I've not been able to open some of my e-mails, it has just shown a box with a picture in it or a red cross. As you can tell I'm still not technically adept with this laptop. Can you help.


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Like to help Gran but not sure. The red cross sounds like you PC trying to show a picture but not finding valid picture data, so it is similar to the picture issue.

You can not open them at all, or they open and only show this picture/red X ? Some (dodgy ?) commercial companies send emails consisting of a picture.

Have you spoken to the sender ? Not spam is it ?

What if you forward it to someone else's e-mail, can they read it ?
Question Author
They appear as a small box with what looks like a picture in the box as I open the e-mail, some have a red cross. In fact the newsletter from answerbank had the same thing but I scrolled further down and actually got the messages from them. The e-mails have been sent from companies giving quotes for insurance, that I've been comparing. Another was an attachment from an estate agent. Thanks for your response OG. The ones with a red cross won't open at all.

It may be that something is set to block pictures because if the picture data has to be downloaded then it gives a clue your e-mail address is used; and that can be valuable information to spammers wishing to bombard your account.

Could be the e-mail you are getting is fairly "legit" advertising, but it doesn't sound as if you are missing much by not seeing them.
Question Author
Thanks OG. :-)

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I Must Have Deleted Something From My Programmes

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