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streaming video

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scotman | 15:30 Sun 23rd Oct 2011 | Computers
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Hi all

Just quick question about streaming video. When it is viewed as small screen everything looks more or less OK. When I expand it to full screen and the image is moving it becomes a bit jerky and pixelated. If the image is static or slow-moving the screen resolves itself to normal HD quality.

Is this because the internet connection is not fast enough or is it that my computer cannot process fast enough?

System details are
XP Home + SP3 with 1.5GB RAM
video = NVIDIA 6200 with 512MB
monitor = 1920 x 1080 (I have turned the colour quality down to 16bit)

Internet is standard 8MB service which usually manages around 7MB

What, if anything, can I do to improve things?


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There don't seem to be any techies around, Scotters. I think I can guess what's going on though.
You should have no trouble with a 7mb Broadband. I can only get 2mb here in the Devon countryside :o(
Most likely the problem is with their servers at the other end. That, and possibly huge demend from other downloaders........... especially in the afternoon after the US has woken up.
I think the jerkiness is when they "drop frames" to enable the stream to keep up......... actually skipping frames to keep up to speed. Small screen takes a certain amount of data, but large screen takes massively more, which their servers can't pump out fast enough.
Similar with pixellating. Reducing data to maintain throughput.
Not sure but I would think that streaming video data would download at the same rate whether you use a small screen or a large screen.

Is the resolution on the computer video card set to 1920X1080?

I presume your CPU can keep up so it may be the card that is the trouble.

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streaming video

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