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robin8495 | 20:07 Thu 11th Aug 2011 | Computers
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How can I move the toolbar to the side of my sacreen?


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I'm assuming that you're referring to the taskbar, which is normally at the foot of your screen. (If it's a different bar, please tell us exactly what you're referring to, and in which program).

Right-click on it. If there's a tick alongside 'Lock the Taskbar', click to remove it. Then (holding the left-hand mouse key down) drag the taskbar to where you want it to be. (It's can be a bit fiddly. Don't be surprised if it takes seceral attempts). Finish by right-clicking and locking the taskbar in its new location.

I agree Buenochico but your right it's too fiddly. I'm loathed to try it myself. So best left alone robin8495!
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Thanks Boenchico, job done. It was just that I could not find an open space to left click on and hold.

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