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MichaelZZ | 16:56 Mon 14th Mar 2016 | Rugby
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Joe Marler has been cited for calling one of the Welsh players a gypsy boy. Can someone please explain what is wrong with that?
Have big hulking rugby players suddenly gone all precious?


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Appearances deceive - they've always been precious ;-)
No, he was cited for hitting someone.
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OK, sorry, he was cited for thumping somebody. I thought that was what rugby players do from time to time.
However, there's a big hoo-hah about him calling Samson Lee, who is proud of his heritage, a gypsy boy. What is wrong with that when he undoubtedly is?
Would it have been more serious racial abuse if he'd called him a Welsh gypsy boy?
There are some terms which are taboo and un some which arent

Pakki and Chincki are and Postie and scrappie arent

and altho Joe Marler has been criticised for the using the term Samson Lee has apparently not complained

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Joe Marler Cited

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