botham or chappell!

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berniecuddles | 14:02 Wed 08th Dec 2010 | Sport
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In the carpark having a punch up who would your money be on!
for me, beefy everytime knock him for 6!


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I have no idea who Chappell is, but Botham always looked like he could handle himself in a scrap.
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chappell was ex aussie cricketer with a big gob and still has!!
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Ah, an Aussie .. well definitely put me down for a tenner on Botham then.
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ian chappell he and beefy had a set two in the car park yesterday!
It's quite funny, here's a link.

Beefy, no contest, Chappell legged it in the original match up.
Beefy for me...........Chappell is good value on TMS though, says it as it is!!
Beefy is far bigger - and any issue he will call his mate Freddy Flintoff up......and failing that, your friendly Yorkshire Terrier, Geoffrey.

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botham or chappell!

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