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Exercise Clothing

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barry1010 | 10:27 Mon 27th Nov 2023 | Sport
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As I exercise in private, behind closed doors and windows, I wear only cheap running shorts that have seen better days.

I am a sweaty sort of chap so would I sweat less if I invested in good quality running vests and trousers/shorts that apparently 'wick' away the moisture and help keep me dry? What is your experience?



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You'd be just as sweaty, more stylish though. 😅

Question Author

I could never look stylish in lycra 🥺

A handy reminder to buy potatoes though 

Have a look in, or on line at the Decathlon store. Pretty good sports stuff that dont break the bank. On a warm note, I just got me 3 light weight fleeces from there £10 each to wear right next to my skin for the winter months, just like wearing a hot water bottle, and they dont irritate the body, best £30 I've spent, less need for heating on in house also, or on a lot lower. They do sell a lot of what they call breathable under clothing for winter sports and exercising. Worth a look.

One other point, if you wear a large top go for XL, Medium, go for large, always go for one size up in other words.

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Stop peeking, Douglas, thought my curtains were tightly closed.

thanks, nicebloke

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Exercise Clothing

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