Rugby Refereeing Inconsistency Again

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grumpy01 | 20:03 Sun 27th Feb 2022 | Sport
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At the end of the England v Wales game Courtney Laws deliberately knocks on, no yellow card.Ireland v Italy,towards the end of the game Italian player trying to compete for the ball and flies into touch off his hand,yellow card.More consistency needed.


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clearly the referee, the one with the experience and actually on the spot does not agree with your assessment.
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He was Georgian and didn’t realise that as the replacement hooker was sent off it had to go to uncontested scrums.Probably hadn’t any “experience” of that.
To be fair to the Italian player, he forgot this wasn't his weekend for volleyball.
I think the vast majority of referees would be reaching for the rulebook to make sure that they really had to reduce Italy to 13 men ... luckily the bloke in the nice warm VAR van had time to check.

Turned the match into a total farce though - as the Irish players were quick to acknowledge after No Side.
I agree with you about Laws. A deliberate knock on is a yellow, so I don’t understand why he wasn’t given a yellow.
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I think if maybe it’s to with being Captain.Same happened with Stuart Hogg in the Wales match with Scotland.
Odd comment at 19.17.
The ref doesn’t write the laws of the game. He applied the rule perfectly.
It was a freak incident.
Italy’s captain messed up: he could have nominated a hooker. At the time he realised what was what it was too late.
The decision at the end was also correct IMO
'The Secret Referee, the former elite official who writes for Rugby World, says: “The referee was 100% correct. Uncontested scrums aren’t seen as disadvantage enough for a yellow or red card, so losing an extra player is World Rugby’s answer. Faiva’s infringement was also a clear red card.”'
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It had to go to uncontested scrums because the first choice hooker was off injured and then this replacement hooker was sent off.
What was it you're saying the ref had made a mistake about?
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The so called deliberate knock on by the Italian player.He was competing for the ball,wasn’t as if he threw it into touch.
Why the comment about his not knowing about having to have uncontested scrums then?
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Because he didn’t,he had to rely on Matt Carley the touch judge to tell him.Nigel Owens where are you?
I thought that might have been one of the recent changes in the Laws but I seen that it wasn't.

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Rugby Refereeing Inconsistency Again

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