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Jimmy Greaves

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Mozz71 | 10:22 Sun 19th Sep 2021 | Sport
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Just heard that Jimmy Greaves has just passed away. What a goalscorer. If he was playing today, his numbers would've put the likes of Kane, Salah and Lukaku to shame.

RIP Greavesie.


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Yes Mozz, I agree entirely.
When you consider that in the Newcastle v Leeds match this week, there were 38 attempts on goal and just 2 goals scored.
He will always remain a legend.
The greatest goalscorer ever RIP Jimmy
Sad news indeed, though not unexpected, Mozz, given his ongoing battle with his health. On Saturday 5th May 1962, i hated him for dashing the hopes of a 7 year old Burnley fan by opening the scoring in the 3rd minute of the FA Cup Final between us and Spurs. But that's what Greavesy did; score goals. Time and time and time again. And, in time, i grew to greatly admire him, particularly in an England shirt. A true legend. RIP Jimmy Greaves.
What a great player
A travesty that subs were not allowed in the game in 1966 because he would have definitely been on the bench having just missed being selected for the first XI
There were no subs in 1966: they hadn't been invented yet :-)

But I know what you mean.

There was a great documentary about him recently on (I think) BT Sport
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Worth remembering that had it not been for an injury to Greaves, Geoff Hurst would not have been leading the line for England in '66.

The only Premier League era striker I can think of as good as Greavsie was Alan Shearer at his peak. Had that same eye for goal.
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Sorry Sticky, crossed posts and didn't see your similar 1966 comment.
I have a Spurs shirt signed by him. RIP, Jimmy.
Sad news indeed , used to love listening to him and Ian St John
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Saint only died a few months back if I remember correctly. They're probably readying a celestial studio for the Spurs/Chelsea game as we speak. ☺
To depart on the day of Sours v Chelsea just shows his timing was immaculate to the last :-)

No harm to Alan Shearer but he wasn't in the same class. Not many were
Very true Ich
There will not be a dry eye in the house at the game today
Very fitting that he will be honoured by the two clubs he made his name with
Only talking about him yesterday. :-(
A great character and goal scorer.
RIP Jimmy.
I hate football now but there was a time I used to like it and I'd watch Saint and Greavsie back in the day, in my early teens.

RIP Greavsie
Very sad news indeed. RIP Greavesie.
I saw him play a few times when I used to watch Man Utd in the 60's. Spurs battered us in one game at WHL 5-1 and Greaves was fantastic, I have to say. As far as I know, he was, and still is, the only player to score on debut for every team he played for. Someone else may have done it since, so I'll stand corrected. In his debut game for West Ham, he played against Man City at Maine Rd. Corrrigan kicked the ball upfield and as he was going back to his goal, the ball came rocketing over his head into the net, because Greavsie had first-timed it on the volley. Great player. Great memories. RIP Jimmy Greaves.
R.I.P Jimmy Greaves
RIP Greavsie
RIP Greavsie, a legend.
You're correct 10Clarion - he did score on his debut for every team he played for: Chelsea, AC Milan, Tottenham, West Ham and England, until he retired in 1971

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Jimmy Greaves

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