Petanque; The Beautiful Game?

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Atheist | 19:32 Mon 07th Jun 2021 | Sport
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1 Minimal equipment required, just three steel balls which can be bought for less than a tenner.
2 No pitch required; any old stretch of gravel or rough ground.
3 No need for an eleven or special clothing.
4 Young and old can play together - beginners welcome and can enjoy right from their first go.
5 New recruits always welcome.
6 Easy access to videos of old world championship matches and training/teaching videos online.


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True - I loved watching them playing it in France.
We played it a lot in France. But there are better sports :-)
Question Author
The beauty of it is playing it, not watching it. And, Pixie, at my age it is my perfect sport (perhaps snooker is attractive, but you need an expensive table for that). What's your preferred sport?
The Beautiful Game?

That kicks off this Friday.
We did horse-riding on the beach. Perfect:-)
Poppycock, Tony. I agree with Atheist. We play on the gravel drive, I'm better than Dave.
The Men's Shed has spent part of lockdown building a petanque court for the village.
I'll challenge you when you visit.... :-)
Oh thats whats it called. I briefly watched a couple playing it a couple of weeks ago.
"I'm better than Dave"

Possibly because I only ever get to play with the rusty balls ...
Question Author
sunny, rusty balls are just as good as shiny virgin ones.
WD 40 works wonders on rusty balls, Dave.
I'll challenge you when you visit.... :-)

Hang on missy, do I have to use the rusty balls ?
Question Author
Tony; what on earth are you doing with Wigan Casino on your avatar? Have you any right to display such a thing?
The first time Dave and I met I took him to a pub for lunch and a game of Petanque.
It was a test. No Petanque no second date.
I can just see me in the Village Hardware Emporium

"Have you got a can of WD40, my balls need a polish up"

Especially since they haven't stopped laughing since I enquired (with my bird feeder's hat on) "Have you got fat balls?" ... can have the shiny balls, Tony. I'm good with any balls..x
Question Author
Gness, do you prefer 700gm boules or something a little lighter?
Our balls weigh 570g, Atheist.
Will probably try some a little heavier in the village, Atheist. Think I'd prefer that.
Have you any right to display such a thing?

Every right I believe, I frequented many all nighters at Wigan Casino.

I'm good with any balls..x

LOL, ohhhhh the material she has given me :-)

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Petanque; The Beautiful Game?

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