Just Been Robbed!!

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Ken4155 | 15:19 Sun 27th Dec 2020 | Sport
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Nick Pope and Patrick Bamford went for a 50/50 ball, Pope barely got there first, catching the ball with his shin, Bamford goes down, ref blows for a penalty and VAR takes all of 10 seconds to not reverse the ref's decision. So what else is new?!
Later, Ben Mee rises for the ball, 'keeper knees him in the back, ball bounces to Ashley Barnes who turns, swivels and rams the ball through a crowd of Leeds defenders and into the net for the equaliser. Only the ref interprets the foul on Mee as a foul on the 'keeper (??????) and gives the home side a free kick. Try as we might, we could not force a goal even though we battered Leeds in the second half, and we remain perilously close to the drop zone.
By the way, this is not sour grapes coming from me. The commentator and co-commentator saw both incidents the same way as did i.


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Got to agree on the disallowed goal. If anything the keeper fouled the goalscorer who was clattered from behind and had his eyes on the ball at all times. He didn’t even know the keeper was there until the collision.
The Pope tackle was reckless. If it had been any player other than the keeper, it would have been a red card. You cannottackle like that in the area, and the ref and VAR were correct.
Dermot Gallagher on "Ref Watch" tomorrow will say Ref was correct both times.(Never says anything else).
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I've watched it from all angles, sunk, and i'm still quite adamant that Nick Pope got something on the ball. However, i may be seeing it through my Claret and Blue tinted specs :-)
I've just watched the disallowed goal again and i'm even more baffled than i originally was. You can quite clearly see Ben Mee arch his back as the keeper's knee strikes him. Don't know why VAR did not look at that incident?
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Unsureme; i'll concede he may say it for the penalty but if he says the same for the disallowed equaliser, he's had too much of the Christmas spirit poured down his neck.
Yes i have to feel sorry for Burnley. Anyway the Baggies have had 3 red cards, and every one of them was originally a yellow card until the ref was overruled by VAR.
We´re going to need a miracle today at Anfield.
I'm a neutral in this and I thought both incidents were clear penalties, thought the ref had a stinker today, I also think that the Burnley goalkeeper should've been booked for the penalty incident.
Thats how I saw it.
Goalkeepers have always been overprotected as you well know, Ken.
No surprise it wasn't a penalty.
You deserved a draw at best.
Unsureme; i'll concede he may say it for the penalty but if he says the same for the disallowed equaliser,
There was no disallowed equaliser.
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What was it then, Roy. Had the ref not been mistaken, Barnes' goal would have levelled the scores.
As for keepers being over-protected, i agree. But it was as plain as pinocchio's nose that the keeper had clattered into Ben Mee, not the other way around.
And i also agree that we deserved a point from that match - our first half performance was not very good but the second half was a much improved performance.
Always been a fan of Burnley as they were the only Club to offer trials to youngsters from my area in the 50'/60's(North-East). Most of the Burnley players came to My Team(Sunderland)with Jimmy Adamson,loved watching Leighton James and Colin Waldron play.Happy Days.
You mention Dermot Gallagher agreeing with refereeing decisions.Another to do the same is Chris Foy who writes a couple of pathetic lines in the Mail on Sunday.I think he is Mike Riley’s mouthpiece.
What was it then, Roy.

Well, the ref blew before the ball was put in the net...hence no disallowed goal.
I’m a Leeds fan and you’re right, you were robbed. To be honest, the whole match was an embarrassing display of mediocre (at best) football.
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Roy, the ref blew the whistle as Barnes was swinging his boot. That's why 2 Leeds players attempted to prevent the ball going in to the net.
You've been reading too many of PP's posts.
Mind you, every Burnley fan just knew that Bamford would play a significant role in today's match, not really having 'cut the mustard' when he was on loan here. Sod's law :-(
Roy, the ref blew the whistle as Barnes was swinging his boot.


Yes and finished blowing before the ball went in the net.
I'm not sure what is confusing you.
How is somebody with a haircut like that refereeing in the Premier league.
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Roy, most of the morning press reports on the match agree with me. Here's a quote from just one of them;

"But the visitors had a legitimate equaliser ruled out on 18 minutes when Ilan Meslier spilled a free kick and allowed Ashley Barnes to hammer home the loose ball. Somehow official Jones decided Mee had fouled Meslier and made the mistake of blowing too soon, with replays showing the decision should have been the other way round after the keeper had kneed his rival in the back. Ridiculous."
Note the words 'legitimate equaliser' and 'ruled out'.
Not his haircut that concerns me, grumpy, it's his eyesight :-/
Roy, most of the morning press reports on the match agree with me. Here's a quote from just one of them;

Well, they are (like yourself) wrong.
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You're just a wind-up merchant.
Not in this instance. The ref had blown the whistle (wrongly but that's not what we are discussing) before the ball went in the net, therefore it was never an equaliser.

Undeniable fact!

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