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Watched Two Games On Sky With The Crowd Noise

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rebelboy | 19:46 Sun 04th Oct 2020 | Sport
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this afternoon but the Villa v Liverpool game does not have that option. The same for yesterday's games. Does anyone know why?


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I think the crowd noise is in the ground rather than by Sky. They did have some issues picking up some choice language from the touchline, so the stopped the silent version.
On Virgin I think the matches are on two channels - one with crowd sound and one without. May be the same on Sky. Can you get the match on another Sky channel.
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Many thanks.I did have it on Virgin 512 and changed down to 511 where the crowd noise is on. Though it did not work yesterday! I did see a strapline earlier saying you have to access the option from your skybox audio settings. I'm with Virgin so can't access it that way.
Glad it helped.
//Can you get the match on another Sky channel.//

Most Sky Premier League matches are shown on both Sky Sports Premier League and Sky Sports Main Event, but I don't know if the audio is different. The Utd/Spurs game (I'm still laughing) had crowd effects.
Pity there isn't a real crowd at Villa Park.
All the games have had the crowd noise option
Maybe it’s your receiver
I just checked. Main Event has crowd noise, Premier League doesn't.
Thin AV will be making more noise than a full house. :))
C'mon the VILLA :-)
great result for you tony
Sure is.
MR.AV, Your result acctually put a bit of a smile on my mush after this afternoons shambles.
Question Author
Thanks Mozz.
Should keep the scousers off your back, Arky.
I heard that the phone number for the Manchester Samaritans is 01 61-61-61-61......

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Watched Two Games On Sky With The Crowd Noise

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