Which Sport Are You Most Looking Forward To Returning?

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Deskdiary | 15:17 Sun 14th Jun 2020 | Sport
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I’m not a big football fan, I notionally follow Charlton because my dad was a big fan and that’s where I lived as a youngster, but for me it’s rugby.

I’ve been a Saracens season ticket holder for more years than I care to remember, and my 11 year old son is now also a season ticket holder, and by god we are missing going.


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Tennis, cricket and track and field. Shame about the Olympics this year, but there’s a bumper year of athletics next year, all being well.
peasant shooting.
they're playing some test cricket, Buenchico, at grounds with hotels attached. But my ticket for Lord's won't be used
//F1. I miss hearing about the guys back at the factory and the team. :-)//

Douglas - There are no guys back at the factory - I thought you would know that

Just like there is no Mrs Columbo or no Arthur Daley's , 'er indoors ' :-)
I have faith, it carries me through on the worlds flattest roller coaster.

Team Petronas Mercedes.
Charlton born and bred here, no longer there though.
Cricket, tennis and snooker. I've no time for football, which in my opinion has become a business.
Don't get out to see live sport much these days but do like to watch Football and Rugby on tv especially watching the Exeter Chiefs as they are the local side.
none zip zero.
//peasant shooting//
i'm assuming the missing h was deliberate?

None. I quite like equestrian and skiing, but fine without it.
Looking forward to F1 if it returns this year, but I doubt it will with all the travel restrictions.
Absolutely, ael. Who would go shooting harmless birds?

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Which Sport Are You Most Looking Forward To Returning?

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