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35artillery38 | 16:27 Wed 10th Jun 2020 | Sport
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Why are more and more golf courses doing away with the seniors rate per round? When you consider if it wasn't for us they would have been in financial trouble by now ....excluding the coronavirus situation.


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Maybe the prevalance of seniors (with an increasing aged population) is making this a financial burden?
Or maybe the other members are complaining about the courses being choked up with slow elderly golfers?
The government want more sartorially challenged men on the street:-)
Seniors are more likely to have the time and money for golf. Besides, its ageist! And increasingly complicated.

A 60 year old might be retired but are they classed as a senior? Or does that label kick in once a person qualifies for the state pension?

At my course, senior members get a significant membership discount. You could look at joining a course to save money, depending how often you play.
Because they can?
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Thanks everyone for your replies.

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