Which Sport Are You Most Looking Forward To Returning?

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Deskdiary | 15:17 Sun 14th Jun 2020 | Sport
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I’m not a big football fan, I notionally follow Charlton because my dad was a big fan and that’s where I lived as a youngster, but for me it’s rugby.

I’ve been a Saracens season ticket holder for more years than I care to remember, and my 11 year old son is now also a season ticket holder, and by god we are missing going.


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Most forms of motor racing , particularly F1
Stopped going to Turf Moor a few years back but I am still missing my weekly dose of the Clarets in action - win, lose or draw.
My other main sport, from a viewing perspective, horseracing, returned a few weeks back. And very welcome it was, too. Looking forward to when I can visit a track in person - hopefully early next year.
I'm confused by your question.

It starts with the words "Which sport . . .?"

Surely, there IS only ONE sport, isn't there?


Nothing else matters ;-)
. . . although, here in Suffolk, there's always the return of dwile flonking to look forward to ;-)

Cricket here too, it's Summer, football and rugby don't belong,
At school, I was so interested in cricket my report read, "Picks a fine daisy-chain." Little did teacher know that I was only pretending to pick daisies. I was actually sleeping. Cricket; the best known cure for insomnia :-))
I`m with Bazile but at the rate they are cancelling races its going to be a half season or less.
F1. The only sport we follow in this household.
Rifle Shooting and Rugby. I have quite a few new targets to try out as a result of recent developments.
Achy thumping and diving (into the pool not the turf or artificial stuff)
I'm tempted to say badger-baiting but someone will think I'm serious and become incensed.
So instead I'll say cock-fighting...

Oh alright then, it's another vote for F1 here.

And partridge popping (September 1)
Polo, my horses are missing the exercise.
F1. I miss hearing about the guys back at the factory and the team. :-)
Rather than a sport, I'd say an event, The Ryder Cup. As long as the crowds are allowed in. It needs the atmosphere.
Mud-wrestling. Is that like mud-slinging, only using words that are difficult to get one's tongue around?
Snooker was on last two weeks
Tennis!!! C'mon Andy!!!

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Which Sport Are You Most Looking Forward To Returning?

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