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Germany's Bundesliga To Resume Behind Closed Doors On 16 May

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steg | 19:44 Thu 07th May 2020 | Sport
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The Bundesliga will resume behind closed doors on 16 May, becoming the first European league to restart following the coronavirus shutdown.

Would you welcome matches in UK starting soon behind closed doors?


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I think Mr Tilly would.
I don't think the clubs' doctors here would be happy and some players will not want to do it either. Would the players have to stay at least 2m apart? Would they be tested in the run up to matches? Would games be postponed if ever a player or official tests positive?
I think June is more likely here but even though I love football it still doesn't feel right when I can't even meet up with my son for a kickabout in the garden/park
Question Author
I would like the SPL up here to consider it even just for moral purposes.

It will maybe be hard to stop supporters congregating around stadia etc tho especially with the bigger clubs
Question Author
//Would the players have to stay at least 2m apart? //

I would imagine not

But now my imagination is going wild thinking bubble football .
Now that would be fun
Nope. I honestly think the league should be abandoned. Award Liverpool the title, no relegation, the top two in the Championship get promoted and four teams go down for the next two years.
Question Author
I think the league up here will be awarded to Celtic but that will start a civil war (if it’s not already started) tho with the the rangers
I thing the Gers overestimate their chances of catching Celtic.
I've just heard on radio news an Italian footballer has tested positive, have no idea who or what team he plays for.
A bit early to resume any footie maybe?
so long as i don't have to watch and its not televised I don't care.
Question Author

//so long as i don't have to watch and its not televised I don't care.//

I don’t think it will be compulsory to watch, but I think it will be televised. You’ll only have to semi care

We’ve been starved.

The sooner rugby starts the better - I’m bored of downloading old games now.

And if we’re going to throw the book out, Charlton should be promoted to the Premiership (football is a crappier game, but I blame my father for my Charlton affiliation).
lol steg
We saw games getting postponed here pre lockdown just because a member of the coaching staff or a basketball player who shared their gym tested positive. So unless the leagues say games must be played I think games will get called off too often
bad sight day
Bundesliga has resumed bombing of London
hey - hasnt anyone told them the war is over - ter - daaah !

sozza steg - to vulgarise your column
it is all that girlie kissing that footballers do
test regularly and if they test positive then more locked doors !
Distasteful, PP, especially today.
Nah.Just cancel this year and start next season when we can.No more tainted titles in Scottish football.

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Germany's Bundesliga To Resume Behind Closed Doors On 16 May

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