Pope Doesnt Want Real Madrid To Win The Cjsmpiond Lesgue

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piggynose | 18:36 Wed 16th May 2018 | Sport
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1978..liverpool champions..pope died
2005 liverpool champs..pope died


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what is 'Cjsmpiond Lesgue?'
The pope wants to die?
balders its the polish football league lol

Thanks Volty ;o)
I fail to see the connection between Liverpool and Real Madrid.
Lol. Jackdaw. Liverpool play Real Madrid in the European Cup Final, Now called Cjsmpiond Lesgue. :))
Liverpool are playing Real Madrid in the champions league final. I should think he will be shouting please holy father let Ronaldo score.
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Thats what happens when im not wearing my glasses. Sorry folks
In which case he should want them to win, surely.

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Pope Doesnt Want Real Madrid To Win The Cjsmpiond Lesgue

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