New F1 Season

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Bazile | 21:55 Mon 20th Mar 2017 | Sport
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If your'e a genuine F1 fan - are you looking forward to the start of the next season ?

Although you can't read too much into the pre season testing ; Ferrari looks like they might be capable of taking the fight to the Mercedes boys

The new cars do look impressive


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Yes - very much looking forward to the new season - I'll be up at stupid o'clock to watch the Australian GP next Sunday morning.

I think Merecedes (and to a lesser extent Red Bull) have probably been sandbagging their times in testing - but the Ferrari looks great and seems quick.

If only Honda could get their oriental digit out of their jacksie and provide Maclaren with a viable engine package - I'd love to see Alonso have one last shot in a competitive car.

PS : most people will watch on catch-up or a delayed highlights programme - please can no-one give away the result in a thread title or OP.
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Yep - it's a shame re Honda

Having to change engines more than once , during testing , doesn't bode well .
I saw an interview with Eric Boullier (team principal at Maclaren) - he was spitting tacks, albeit in polite Gallic style, about the Honda engine and the culture at Honda that seems incapable of getting anything 'right first time'.

I'd not be surprised to see them going cap in hand to Mercedes for a 'customer engine', possibly before the end of the season.
I'm sort of looking forward to it...but I think the whole thing is very fragile at this time - perhaps more than it's ever been. I know it's been in the real doldrums several times in it's history, but then it could be kicked back to life with a few quid and some gaffer tape.
It's now a massive sophisticated structure and too many of the few teams are struggling financially and without Bernie oiling the wheels it could easily all end in tears.
I agree about Mclaren but I`m not sure they could adapt their car and get it physically track sorted within this year - if they can hold onto Alonso maybe next year. I see Force India scoring good points this year if they can maintain a reasonable level of development.
Looking forward to it, albeit via Channel 4 so not seeing every race live.
Sky can run up my ribs for their F1 channel.
I have Sky for the cricket (until BT get the Ashes that is) - so the F1 is effectively a freebie - but it is very well done, giving coverage that no terrestrial channel could make space for.

Brundle/Croft/Kravitz are now the gold standard in commentators I think.
Horses for courses then, Dave. Especially Mr Kravitz, a legend in his own mind in my opinion.
Bring back Murray Walker :)

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New F1 Season

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