The Olympics Are Go

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bibblebub | 17:03 Wed 03rd Aug 2016 | Sport
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First event - Sweden v South Africa in the Women's Football - has kicked off and is on one of the BBC red button channels.

If you have Virgin cable TV (that's what I use) then channels 561-568 are HD, 571-578 are SD.


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An almost total lack of interest is the principle factor in this Olympics.
It may be due to the last one being in London ( I got an interview to be a 'games maker' and my eldest daughter got a position as a volunteer driver for the athletes and officials) . It may be due to the revelations as to the drug taking that has been going on. It may be due to the fact that it is a long way away in a corrupt nation with major health problems. But I can not remember an Olympics where there is so little interest in it.
Or it may be due to the fact that the Olympics games are becoming excessively boring, their “opening ceremonies” increasingly bizarre and the sports involved ever-more unsuitable and inappropriate (e.g. golf). Couple this with the drug problem (which is probably no worse this time than on many occasions in the past) and the hysterical TV coverage and it is little wonder the games are losing appeal. After all, once you’ve seen nine heats of the transgender underwater 265 metres short course ironing board surfing, it’s time to head off to the pub (where, hopefully, you’ll find that their telly’s broke).
I too am stuggling to summon up any interest in this years games.The reasons for which have been stated by Eddie and New Judge before me.
I think the zika virus has tainted this particular Olympics as the World Cup was welcomed with open arms .
Well, all the timing is wrong to start with. My main interest is to see if Jess Ennis-Hill (bless her, I can still see her pigtails bouncing and her big smile when I gave her her first high-jump lesson) will win or Katherine will overtake her - she is untroubled by huge pressure and Jess has slowed that fraction of a second that can make all the difference.

What Olympics, who gives a stuff?
There's loads of interest in the Olympics. What are you all talking about!? All the papers have special supplements. I'm really looking forward to it. I love it.
Jordain, did you really teach high jump to Jessica?
I can't wait. I love it so much.
^^ You are in the minority then Cloverjo I have not heard anyone even mention it. I am going to be wondering how many of the athletes are on drugs rather than any real interest in the performance.
The failure of the IOC to expel Russia totally was the final straw.
All the papers have 'special supplements' do they (!)
How appropriate.

I want to know what channel New Judge watched on. Sounds intriguing :-)
I'll still watch anyway Eddie as normally the action and excitement soon drowns out a lot of the harbingers of doom. Though Russia's presence is a disgrace we'll keep being reminded of. At least they won't be in the athletics.
O god I am going to be able to knit a whole bunch of string dishcloths over the next two weeks
I'm still looking forward to it. Almost time for the opening ceremony. I'm looking forward to seeing Andy Murray carry the British flag. More important is the sport. I'm not too bothered about watching the dancing or whatever Rio puts on tonight.

I think I should start another thread for people who actually like the Olympics.
Come on, guys. It's only 2 weeks every 4 years.

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The Olympics Are Go

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