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R B S 6 Nations: Final Round

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ChillDoubt | 13:17 Sat 15th Mar 2014 | Sport
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Well, what can I say? It's been an 'interesting' campaign.
Farcical France, Woeful Wales, Silly Scotland, Indomitable Irish, Effervescent England and Inhibited Italians.

The Romans are at home to England today. On current form it should be a walkover, but England thought that in the snow 2 years ago and got away with it by the skin of their teeth. The other nations involved will be willing on the Azzuri and it may be tight in the first half, with a lot of spoiling/counter attacking, but I fully expect the (deservedly so too) Triple Crowners to power away in the last 20.

For match 2, we have Wales at home (thankfully), their away record being worse than that of Hitler's invasions.
Gatland has rung the changes after a dire display at Twickers and some today will look to put down a marker for RWC 2015 selection. We finally get Dan Biggar in at 10, woefully overlooked for a starting berth thus far in this campaign, his introduction comes not a minute too soon. Scotland must be badly bruised from kicking themselves all week, that 'Hollywood' pass for the intereception try will haunt them for months.
They'll be feisty that's for sure but I fancy my countrymen to put on a real display this afternoon in the lair of the Dragon.

Finally to Paris for the most oft asked question in rugby:
Which French team will turn up? They mugged the Scots last week and will want to please the home fans again with the champagne-style rugby they showed against England. Question is, can they do it against a strong Irish team who will be going all out to ensure BOD gets a send-off like no other. Despite French form, it's a tough one to call.....

So, predictions:

Italy 10 England 35
Wales 30 Scotland 18
France 20 Ireland 28



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Question Author
Brilliant reffing, takes a look at the decision on the big screen and the card is exchanged for a red one.
It's untypical of Hogg, the occasion has clearly got to him.
Question Author
It's a shame because it will make the game less of a contest and will subdue the atmosphere that was building but there really is no excuse for that.
Question Author
Give them their due the Scots are taking it to the Welsh and are creating some great pressure.
The problem is they will pay for Hogg's idiocy in the last 20-25 minutes.
Yes... and another try for Wales just now, too. Contest surely over.
Question Author
Williams takes the up and under, slips 2 tackles, pass to Spike, on to George, a bob, a weave and he's in under the posts. Superb.
Question Author
Scotland imploding now as Wales look menacing...

But a silly miss pass (where have I heard that before?) and Wales let them back in.
INvention from Wales, hoofing it forward and Wales are in again, but it's eing checked for an offside....
Question Author
Checked, even.......and it is, no arguments.
The second half ought to be a try fest though, hopefully!
The second half is going to be horrible. We could easy see 60- or 70- odd points scored by Wales here.
Question Author
Wales cut loose and it's going to be a massacre one feels.
If Hogg has any sense, he'll be halfway to the airport by now!
Yes, but as a match it is ruined...........
Question Author
Biggar slots a cheeky one in-off the post. 27-3, it's gonna be a cricket score.
Hogg had better not be on a plane to Scotland.

Daft and twit spring to mind.
Chill and the Welsh will send you Jonathan Davies instead, albs - and see what slappy's reaction is!
Question Author
1 minute gone in the second half and North runs it in.
This could be messier and more bloody than Culloden.....
Took Wales all of a minute to score again in the second half.
well that's definitely it - a massacre on the cards now.
Scots are used to massacres :-)

Personally, I prefer to be massacred by anyone but the French (oh wait) and the Italians :-)
Hogg's biggest fear will be the 30 lashes of the whip he is due from Princess Anne in the Holyrood Palace cellar sex room. Wonder if she taught Minty?
Question Author
It would appear the Harlem Globetrotters have taken the field dressed in red for the second half, it goes from one end to the other in a flash and Jamie is in for his second.
We want to score more than England did today now!
39-3, half an hour of play left!

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R B S 6 Nations: Final Round

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