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RBS 6 Nations: Final Weekend, Italy v Scotland, Wales v France, England v Ireland

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Philtaz | 16:06 Thu 15th Mar 2012 | Sport
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Well ladies and gents, this season's 6 Nations Championship draws to a close this weekend, with all 3 fixtures on the final day and what a spectacle we've had thus far. Flair and controversy in equal measures have culminated in a potential Grand Slam for Wales and a possible wooden spoon for Scotland.

So, the the wooden spoon decider. Scotland have played some great rugby in this campaign, only to be let down on more than one occasion with a poor final pass. Italy have been dogged at times in defence and gave England more than a scare. Whilst they have home advantage I can't see them beating Scotland, though they (Scots) won't have it easy and it'll be close.

Then we move to the Millenium Stadium, where Wales can seal glory with a third Grand Slam in 8 years, no mean feat. A potential winner-takes-all decider is denied rugby fans as a result of a briliant England performance last weekend and as usual it's the old 'which French team will turn up?' question.
The mindset of the French will be crucial. They've nothing to play for as such, which in turn may give them a free licence to play with flair, abandon and panache. Wales will not take anything for granted and our inspirational captain (Warburton) is fit. All talk of a revenge match (RWC Semi Final) will be cast aside, Wales will concentrate on the here and now, simple as.
If Wales have a weakness it's Priestland at 10. After a fantastic start to the campaign his performances have waned each match, to the point of almost average mediocrity. I hope he can sort out the indecision that has crept into his game of late and dictate play as he can and ought to.

And finally, onto Twickenham for a Paddy's day decider to bring down the curtain. Ireland haven't quite reached the heights expected of them at the start of their campaign and they must have been a little down after letting the match slip to a draw against France. England meanwhile, after a shaky start in Italy have gone from strength to strength, with Farell a revelation at 10, especially against Wales and England's young guns have certainly stepped up to the mark. They'll rightly be brimming with confidence after their heroics in the Stade de France last weekend and I believe they can carry that belief through and beat Ireland, though doubtless every Irishman will summon that extra 10%, (as if it were needed!) playing England at Twickers on St Patrick's Day.

All in all we have a fantastic day of rugby ahead of us on Saturday, just a shame we've got to wait 10 months for the next campaign to begin!

So, predictions.........

Scotland to beat Italy by 5 points.

Wales to beat France by 10.

England to beat Ireland by 3.



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Sorry to hear of Mervyn's death. :(

I like doctordb's idea of mouthwash. I'll share mine :)
Question Author
Surely it's only right that the mouthwash ought to be Guinness and not cider alba, given the special day it is tomorrow!?
I tried that stuff once Phil, not an experience I'd like to repeat but I'll defend anyones right to drink it :-)
Question Author
It is an acquired taste alba, I'll grant you that! I'll have one or two tomorrow, just to keep the vocal chords moist you understand!
The excitement is mounting already.
aaaah, medicinal purposes :-) Always a good reason.
All the kilties I've met in the Eternal City this week seem very upbeat about Scotalnd's chances. Doubtless by kickoff I'll be up there with them, but as yet I still have the jitters.
I think that Italy will alas beat Scotland by 7 points
I agree Wales will beat France by 10 to deservedly take the Grand Slam.
England will beat Ireland by 10 points, St Paddy's day or not....
Question Author
The Scots I have spoken to today are very 'sackcloth and ashes' about the whole thing.

The way they're tlaking you'd think they were all doomed, doomed I tell ye!
France I think will hammer Wales, England I think ( unfortunatly) might beat Ireland and I don't care who wins out of Scotland and Italy;-)
Sorry to hear of the news of the passing of the great Mervyn, a shoe-in at No 8 for any international side in the world, never mind Wales and the Lions. It doesn't change my prediction, only solidifies it. giving the Welsh even more reason to destroy "Les Escargots".
Question Author
France to hammer Wales? You been at the sauce NOX?
XO Cognac sauce ^^^ goes well with the crazy rice.
Philtaz, really think that Wales can do it tomorrow!.......not sure about the score, be happy if we do win by 10, but think it could be by less than that, think it will be a close match!.....
Whichever way the results go it has been one of the best 6 nations I can remember. Here's to us all (come on England!)
Question Author
I think so too welshlibranr. Doubtless the sad news of Mervyn Davies will spur the team on further and the minutes silence will be very emotional to say the least. There's just too much now in Wales favour to see any other result.

I concur doctordb, it's been one of the best in living memory and there really has been some fantastic rugby played by all concerned.

One thing is for sure, it augers well for the Lions tour next year, it promises to be a more than memorable one.
Och well, there's always next year. It's a good job we are used to losing.
Well done, Italy!

well done italy!

c'mon wales for the championship!

cath x
What a nail-biting finish - well done to Wales!
perfidious gaul

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RBS 6 Nations: Final Weekend, Italy v Scotland, Wales v France, England v Ireland

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